Workshops Newsletter

Introduction to Newsletter:


Louis Pasteur once said, “Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.” During the first quarter of 2024, the “Workshops Team” has successfully implemented four projects: the Study Financing Workshop in Germany through Grants, the DataCamp Program, the Nahed Scholarship, and the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Workshop.


About the “Workshops Team”:


The “Workshops Team” is tasked with organizing workshops for the association by developing an annual plan. These projects range from seminars and workshops to courses and question-and-answer sessions, covering specialized academic topics, general academic content, and personal skills development. The primary goal is to provide educational content, with a focus on academic careers, scholarships, and scientific research, along with sessions on specific academic professions or university majors.


The team maintains constant communication with lecturers to schedule workshops, define content, and decide on the presentation style. They also handle registration, close sign-ups, and send invitations to accepted participants a week before the workshop begins. An introductory session is held to explain the registration process, detailing applicant numbers, specialization nature, expected attendance, age demographics, etc.


Each workshop starts with a welcome to the attendees, a brief introduction to the association and its mission, followed by an introduction to the lecturer, their academic background, and their work. The workshop’s content and objectives are also outlined. During the session, a team member collects questions from participants, directs them to the lecturer during the Q&A segment, and assists with any technical issues that arise.

“Study Financing in Germany Through Grants” Workshop:


On January 28, the German-Syrian Society for Scientific Research hosted a workshop titled “Funding Your Studies in Germany through Scholarships,” led by Professor Mustafa Karahamad, a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Frankfurt and a co-researcher at PRIF. The workshop aimed to assist students seeking scholarships, providing guidance on how to find the right scholarship for their field and explaining the application process, key dates, and scholarship requirements. Afterwards, Professor Karahamad offered advice on preparing application documents and navigating common application challenges.


“DataCamp” Program:


DataCamp, a leading platform for data science training, offers interactive skill development through exercises, projects, and tests. In today’s digital, data-driven age, skills such as data analysis are essential, akin to communication and critical thinking. Recognizing this, the association facilitated access to DataCamp’s paid courses. The “Workshops Team” managed the project from design to coordination with DataCamp, securing a grant, promoting the program on social media, and overseeing the registration and application evaluation process. Despite technical challenges due to high demand, the team managed to reopen registration and ensure that the most suitable candidates were selected. Out of over 1,400 applicants, 45 were accepted for the first round.


Nahed Scholarship:


In late December, following the loss of Nahed Abdel Jalil, a distinguished volunteer and director of the workshops team, the society launched the “Nahed Abdel Jalil” scholarship in her memory. This scholarship supports students worldwide in language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or Goethe, providing financial aid for exam fees. The society collects donations year-round and awards grants as funds allow.


“Introduction to AI” Workshop:


The significance of artificial intelligence in science and research prompted a dedicated workshop on this topic, scheduled for April 13, 2024. Dr. Nidal Zarifa, a communications engineer and academic researcher at the University of Duisburg-Essen, will lead the workshop, which will cover the history and key concepts of AI, machine learning algorithms, deep learning, neural networks, and generative AI & LLM.


“LinkedIn in the Academic Field” Workshop:


Recognizing the importance of LinkedIn in building academic and professional networks, the society will hold a workshop on April 20, 2024. It will focus on the benefits of LinkedIn for researchers and students, discussing how to create a professional profile and leverage the platform for academic and career advancement. Mr. Adnan Al-Masry, a LinkedIn expert, will lead the session.