Academpower Language Exam Scholarship

The scholarship covers the costs of language exams required for study at a university or for applying for a scholarship. 

Since 2021, we have launched the scholarship three times. In all application rounds, we have only supported those already accepted in a scholarship and in need of a language certificate. 

You can apply if you are:

  • Syrian or a Palestinian Syrian
  • living in Syria 
  • currently shortlisted or have been previously shortlisted in a scholarship where an official language exam certificate was required.  

Required Documents:

  • Copy of passport or ID 
  • CV
  • Copy of Transcripts (highest level of education) 
  • Proof you have been selected or shortlisted in a scholarship and you needed a language exam certificate

Application round: 


Applications received after midnight of 01.12.2022 (Berlin time), will not be considered.

Only accepted will be notified by E-Mail before the 30th of October. If accepted, we will contact you and provide further information on the address/time of the exam. 

Our exams take place at the IDP center in Damascus.