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Dreaming of studying in Germany, but feeling overwhelmed by the options and requirements? This year, four Arab students made that dream come true with the help of the Academic Mentorship Programme. Are you ready to be next?

The Academic Mentorship Programme at the German-Syrian Research Society: Supporting Arab and Syrian students on their academic journey to Germany


The German-Syrian Research Society (DSFG) is committed to empowering Arab and Syrian students who wish to study or conduct research in Germany, and plays a pivotal role through its unique and comprehensive Academic Mentorship Programme. The programme provides invaluable guidance and support throughout the student’s academic journey, from choosing the perfect subject and university to navigating scholarship applications and adjusting to life in Germany.


The programme offers a wide range of essential services to unlock students’ potential:

* Scholarship Navigation: The programme helps students find scholarships in Germany that match their qualifications and goals. Expert guidance is provided throughout the application process, ensuring students meet requirements and have the best chance of success.

* Exclusive Partnership with DAAD for the Hilde Domin Scholarship: The DSFG partners with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the prestigious Hilde Domin Scholarship. This partnership allows the DSFG to submit scholarship applications on behalf of students and provide guidance and support. So far, the program has helped 14 students, mainly in medical fields, with their applications.

* Application Enhancement: Students can improve their applications with expert help on writing impactful resumes and cover letters. The program helps students with their applications by reviewing and editing them and giving them feedback. It also helps students with documents for scholarships and jobs.

* Academic and Professional Advising: The program helps students with choosing a specialisation and university in Germany.  We also help you adapt to life in Germany, including learning about the culture and social life.


* Workshops and Events: Students can learn more and get practical help at workshops and events on different academic topics. These initiatives provide information on studying and research in Germany.

* Language Mentoring: The programme offers personalised language mentoring, where language mentors help students to master German.


Mentorship Program Success Stories in 2024:


In 2024, 34 students wanted to use the mentorship programme. Four students got into German universities, and 19 others are still getting help to succeed.


The programme is for students with different academic interests. This year’s applicants are from fields like engineering, computer science, economics, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and the arts. The DSFG uses its network of experts to provide support.  Applicants come from countries like Syria, Palestine, and Yemen.


The German-Syrian Research Society provides all services, including the Academic Mentorship Program and the Hilde Domin Scholarship, free of charge to students.


The programme helps Arab and Syrian students in Germany to achieve their academic goals. It aims to help more students and to improve the programme.


If you want to study or do research in Germany, get in touch and find out about our Academic Mentorship Program.


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The website has a section for the mentorship program, including a registration form, consultation options, and details on how to register.