The Scholarships Team of the German-Syrian Research Society nominates students from Syria and neighboring countries to be considered for scholarship programs. In August, we launched the call for applications for the second time in 2022 for students at risk of being nominated to DAAD for the Hilde Domin Scholarship.

Our volunteers reviewed received applications from students and scholars at risk and decided which should be reviewed by assessor and which is excluded. This decision is made following two criteria:

  • Did the applicant meet the application requirements set by DAAD (graduate of less than 2 years, hold the level of B2 in the language of studies)?
  • Did the applicant provide the documents needed for the assessment process?

Applications from those who have the minimum requirements, and have submitted the required documents, were sent to assessors who have carefully assessed applicants’ stories and wrote assessments when stories were found convincing.

We received 106 applications, mostly from Syrians (94%), but also from other nationalities of Syria’s neighboring countries. Most applications came from male applicants (70%).

By the time of application,37% of applicants lived in Syria, 25% in Lebanon, 14% in Jordan, 13% in Turkey, and a smaller proportion from other MENA countries.

Regarding the field of study, applications came from variant fields and disciplines. 31% studied engineering, 13% medical sciences, 9% natural sciences, 9% economics and social sciences, while 30% said they have degrees in other fields of study.

53% of applicants aimed to pursue an MA in accepted in the scholarship, 24% a BA, 19% a Ph.D., and 4% a post-doc.

Of the 106 applications, 41% were not sent to assessors at all, either for lacking linguistic abilities or for not submitting the required documents. 38% were sent to assessors and our assessors found their applications not convincing, thus, were not nominated. And 21% of applicants were sent to assessors and found convincing. Those were sent to DAAD.

The next round will be in March 2023. If you wish to apply, please follow our social media channels to be informed once the application round is announced.

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