External Collaboration Newsletter

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In an effort to establish a Syrian community for scientific research in Germany, the ‘German-Syrian Research Society (DSFG)’ supports Syrian students and researchers in their studies and work, in addition to assisting them in obtaining scholarships to continue their professional lives in Germany.

The ‘External Collaboration Team (AES)’ is one of the crucial teams within the society, contributing to its goals. Since the beginning of 2024, the team has been working on an external partnership project by gathering information about 60 universities in Germany, various companies, Syrian associations, and some international organizations. The team has also engaged with several entities and received positive responses.


The purpose of collecting this data is to establish communication with these entities and foster mutually beneficial partnerships. The four different types of entities that were researched are as follows:

Universities: Universities are one of the most important partners for the ‘German-Syrian Research Society (DSFG), as the primary goal of the society is scientific research and securing funded positions or scholarships for Syrian students. Additionally, they participate in scientific conferences under the society’s name or receive invitations to attend such conferences.

Companies: The main objective of gathering data on companies is scientific, as some companies fund research projects for students, especially in technical fields such as engineering or chemical industries. It is also essential to identify companies that could support the association financially, a crucial aspect for its sustainability.

International Organizations: As a non-profit organization, the German-Syrian Research Society collaborates with any international organization, regardless of its activities. The team focused on international organizations concerned with Syrian affairs to increase the likelihood of obtaining funding or grants for specific student cases or other activities. For example, after the unfortunate earthquake in 2023, the association’s tasks and activities increased, leading to a successful fundraising campaign. The management and distribution of these donations were carried out through partners or structures affiliated with the association.

Syrian Associations: Syrian associations are among the many existing associations in Germany. These associations, whether cultural or political, reflect the Syrian community within Germany. It is essential to establish alignment with these associations to create a shared vision. Each of these associations works towards achieving this vision through their diverse activities. Furthermore, engaging with Syrian associations enhances opportunities for academic and scientific collaboration. It also facilitates invitations to upcoming conferences, especially the conference scheduled for September.

Regarding the responses received by the team, they varied between positive feedback and no response at all. According to the team’s assessment, this diversity can be attributed to several factors. One of these factors is the inflationary economic situation that occurred after the surge in prices, prompting many institutions to reduce expenses and manage their expansion carefully to avoid additional burdens. It’s worth noting that the team’s actual communication was limited to 60 universities and 18 companies.