Since March 2021, the German-Syrian Research Society (DSFG), helps Syrian students and scholars in finding their academic paths in Germany through our mentoring program.


The program offers live mentoring for the students who have questions, want to apply for scholarships, or are struggling with some issues related to academic matters.


During 2021, there have been 31 completed mentorships in the various fields and specializations through our volunteer platform.


The program offers help in varied ways; here are some:

  • Support in the application process
  • Support in finding and applying for a scholarship
  • Support students in the new scholarly environment
  • help in writing a motivation letter and/or preparing required documents
  • academic mentoring to help the new students in coping with the new study environment and research field, perhaps discussing possible research areas/questions
  • Language mentoring to practicing the language with the people who master it
  • Life Mentor for newcomers to get used to the new atmosphere and to learn more about the area


Since we always persist to assist the increasing number of students desiring to study and research in Germany, we also need to expand our group of mentors and hope to include all Syrian researchers in Germany


If you are enthusiastic and want to join the program, please fill out the application form below.


To ensure the accuracy and consistency of the mentorship process, for the interest of both mentor and mentee, rules and guidelines were developed to help in the process. Please be familiar with them before applying to become a mentor in the program.

For any inquiries and further information, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email: