Female academics encounter many challenges at different levels, both in academia and in their private lives. Energy management, emotion regulation, time planning, integration and conflict management are all significant challenges for foreign female academics.

Using different methods and exercises, this workshop aims to reach out to Syrian female academics in Germany and support them in recognizing and harnessing their strengths, as well as enhancing their personal, social, and academic competencies.

The Workshop Program

More about the Workshop

With Bayan Adnan, a student and lecturer in the field of social work and educational sciences, we aim to shed light on various challenges faced by Syrian female academics. The workshop duration is four hours and is divided into two parts. Using diverse methods, exercises, and in a safe environment we would like to offer Syrian female academics the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and recognize and utilize their strengths.

Based on her experience working with international students and women with migration backgrounds, and thanks to her own background, Bayan Adnan creates the appropriate conditions for an interactive workshop where participants can engage and inspire each other. In this workshop, we address personal and societal challenges and provide various tools for dealing with them, both on a personal level and in communication level. The workshop will be tailored to the participants’ wishes and needs.

More about Bayan Adnan

Bayan Adnan is a dedicated educator, consultant, and lecturer who strives to build bridges, fill gaps and illuminate new perspectives with her work in adult education. With a strong commitment to open-mindedness, diversity, feminism, and anti-racism, she aims to contribute towards creating a more equitable society.

Ms. Adnan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Education and Educational Sciences at Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, focusing on migration and education. She has already obtained a bachelor’s degree in Education with a specialization in educational management and adult education. Furthermore, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Literature from Damascus University.

Since January 2022, Ms. Adnan has been working as a lecturer in social work at the International University in Bremen. In parallel, she is actively working as a freelance speaker in the fields of interreligious dialogue, diversity, anti-racism, and empowerment of deprived communities since 2018. Her professional experience encompasses working with various target groups, including women, students, young adults, and pupils, within diverse contexts.

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