The Rebirth programme by Hannover University

The University of Hanover has opened registration for PhD and PostPhD students in the Rebirth Cluster of Excellence programme, and registration will remain open until 1 April.

The program is concerned with biotechnology, human genetics, regenerative medicine, and stem cell therapy; Target organs are the heart, lungs, liver and blood as well as immune diseases, in a clinical and research training program.

Usually, 20 students from around the world are accepted into this program who hold a master’s degree or equivalent in human medicine, veterinary medicine, natural and life sciences or biotechnologies. Furthermore, proficiency in the English language and experience in scientific research, for at least six months, are prerequisites for admission to the program.

The program usually extends over three years, and the student can work in the laboratory on his scientific project, under the supervision of specialized supervisors.

The program also includes weekly study hours and lectures, and the student must complete 300 lessons/lectures during the three years.

In the following link, you will find a detailed description of the practical content of the program:

We remind you that applications are currently open online, and the deadline for submission is April 1, 2021. As for the required documents and how to apply, you can find them in the following links:

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that this program is supported by the DAAD, you can find it through the following link:

Below is a link to the post-doctoral study, applicants should write and apply individually and in-person for admission: