Partnership with European Centre for economic studies of the Arab orient (ECESAO)

On 15th of September 2018, Dr. Hani Harb founder and treasurer of the DSFG e.V. met with Mr. Mustafa Nourallah the founder and chairman of ECESAO.
In the meeting, both signed a letter of understanding and a partnership agreement. It is expected that ECESAO and DSFG e.V. will select the economic and social topics which seem important and of value to the decision makers and people, plan and provide expert staff to supervise, monitor the whole process until final reports or studies are produced. In addition, ECESAO and DSFG e.V. will organize webinars, seminars, and training sessions to support the local communities in Arab orient countries, Middle East, and Arab migrant communities in Europe, with different economic skills such as strategic planning, risk analysis, statistical analysis, financial technology and so forth. Moreover, ECESAO and DSFG e.V. will work jointly to support these communities with consultation and help them to implement modern business solution. The duration of this agreement will be for one year starting from 2018-10-01 during which both parties uphold their respective duties accordingly. Regarding the financing process, during the collaborative period, the work is voluntary from both sides. Both sides promise to work together to write grants which will be beneficial for both sides in matter of financing their work. This collaborative proposal is first of its kind between both parties and, in ECESAO, we hope this collaboration will be the start of many more to come in the near future.