HERE scholarship- Bremen university (Higher Education Refugees Entrance)

Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Germany, and how to apply for them, have become of interest to many who seek to complete their studies, whether they are living in Germany or students who wish to travel to Germany to continue their studies. Here in this article I would like to share with you my experience with the Here-Bermen Scholarship offered by the University of Bremen.
This article aims to convey practical experience, in order to create a clearer idea of this scholarship programme. As for the conditions for applying for the grant, the required documents and other important information, you can find them on the following link:
It is worth noting that one of the most important conditions for applying for this scholarship is to pass the Test-As test known as the university study ability test, which is supported by the Center for Work and Services, where applications are submitted to the uni-assist.It is a free exam for refugees and it is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF. This test is used as a substitute for a university qualification in case the student does not have proof of his high school diploma (because of its loss on the asylum trip, for example). The exam can be given in Arabic and English as well as in German.
The test is available to everyone, and is free for refugees, as well as for asylum seeker applicants, and even for those whose asylum claims have been rejected or those who have temporary residence with deportation suspended.
For more information on how to take the test for refugees, please visit the following link:
● After receiving the scholarship:
● University card:
After the student is accepted into the scholarship program, he receives his student card as an affiliated student to Bremen University. This card enables him to use many university services and facilities of the university, such as: membership in the university library, sports clubs established on the university campus, and opening an account on the university’s website that allows the student to learn about the most important activities and courses available to members of the university.In addition, this card enables the student to pay reduced fees in many museums, galleries and other cultural and artistic centers that are abundant in Germany. It also enables him to obtain a student transportation card, semestertickt, whose expenses are also covered by the scholarship.
● The scholarship program:
The main objective of the Hera-Bremen Scholarship is to prepare the student to apply to the university either to start university studies or to complete postgraduate studies from a master’s or doctorate.
● Studying the German language:
Studying German is a primary goal for many students enrolled in Hera-Bremen, where the scholarship offers German language courses from A1 to C1 levels in cooperation with the Ghote Institute.
After completing all language levels, the student takes the German Test-Daf exam or the C1 Cirtefikat language exam, one of the two certificates being a prerequisite for registration in German universities.
This is not all, as the scholarship program includes many courses and events that, in turn, qualify the student to engage in university life and promote the principle of integration in general in Germany.
It is worth noting that at the beginning of the scholarship program, the Tutorium (the tutor) communicates with the student, who is one of the actual students at one of the branches of the University of Bremen, who acts as the supervisor who follows the student’s study path from the beginning of his registration until the end of the scholarship program. He also plays a major role in helping the student to study the German language, and qualify him to pass the interim and final language exams. He also provides him with tips and guidelines to help him enroll in the scholarship program, within regular weekly meetings.
● In the margins of the scholarship:
● StudiSchnacks:
Weekly conversation lessons, which are open dialogues presented by students from Bremen University at several levels of German proficiency, the aim of which is to break the language barrier for foreign students and open discussions on many academic and social topics, allowing foreign students and Germans alike to learn about the other’s culture and being open up to it.
● Sprachcafés
It is an alternative to the aforementioned conversation lessons, which help the grantees to train in listening and speaking skills, and to strengthen the methods of dialogue. These conversations are conducted by German native speakers, within scheduled weekly dates.
● Cultural program
The cultural program, which includes evenings, celebrations, and several external and internal tours, is also coordinated by university students who introduce the plan of their cultural program for each month, and the activities it includes aimed at promoting the concept of belonging and integration.
● EntranceInterkulturelles Training:
Intercultural training, a course directed to those who are about to study at university, revolves around important information about studying in Germany and also presents the potential difficulties encountered when starting university studies, in addition to an explanation of the German university system and the controls that must be observed, and how to deal with students from different cultures and values, what can I study, and how to choose the appropriate major from the available majors.
● Studientechniken-Kursus
Teaching Methods Technology, a training course that fully qualifies you to study at the university, and allows you to develop tactical methods for studying and identify your weaknesses and strengths, so that you can develop the optimal plan of study that matches your educational skills.
● Zugangsprüfung:
University entrance exam: Obtaining a study acceptance at German universities requires passing an entrance exam, and this is what the Here-Bremen program offers you, as the scholarship office provides you with the documents required to register for the entrance exam. The student is also registered in a preparatory course to pass the HZB entrance exam, after completing all language courses at all levels. Training for the entrance exam includes studying an overview of the subject or major that the student intends to study at the university.
All these programs are taking place concomitantly with the student’s attendance in the German language course, followed by a practical training Praktikum vor Studienbeginn in one of the university departments. Here-Bremen also provides students with general and individual periodical appointments in which they provide free advice on the most appropriate studying field or specialization, as well as the modification of the secondary certificate or university years in the home country.