German government scholarships DAAD

If we look for travel abroad, our first destination is the scholarships. And if we decide to complete our studies, our first dream is to complete it in European universities. One of the most important and prestigious scholarships is the German DAAD scholarship, let’s get to know it better.

What’s the German DAAD scholarship?
DAAD was founded in 1925, and it is one of the largest funding scholarships in the world, aims to educate, empower and assist young people in providing access to the best opportunities for study and research, and their qualification to contribute to their countries’ sustainable development. The scholarship is awarded to young professionals to complete postgraduate studies, including master’s and doctoral degrees. The duration of the master’s program ranges from 12 to 24 months (varies according to the program donor), and the duration of the program
Who’s this scholarship for?
This scholarship for:
· Undergraduate with practical experience for at least two years.
· Residents of Germany whose stay did not exceed 15 months.
Specialties offered by the scholarship:
· Economics
· Math
· Media
· Medicine and health
· Social science
· Rights
· Engineering branches
· Veterinary medicine
· Nature and forestry
· Political science
· Cultural studies/languages
Benefits of the scholarship

  1. The grant is fully funded (€860 per month for master’s students, and €1200 for doctoral students).
  2. Accident health insurance.
  3. Travel allowance unless these expenses cover the home country or any other source of funding.
  4. A six-month German language course before beginning the educational program.
  5. Possibility of bringing parents (If the recipient of the grant has a funding period of more than 6 months) with payment of the surcharge.
  6. Free university accommodation.

Scholarship terms
Conditions that the applicant must fulfill:
· He/she works for a public authority or a private company.
· Bachelor’s degree in a specific field.
· He/she has two years of work experience.
· He/she hasn’t had his undergraduate degree for more than six years.
· Language skills:

  1. To study programs in German: The student must pass the German test (DSH 2 or TestDaF 4) before studying the selected program, It also requires bringing a certificate that proves the student’s German B1 level.
  2. To study programs in English: requires a certificate IELTS (Band 6) or TOEFL.
    · Evidence of practical situations.
    The applicant must prove that he has two years of work experience, which requires:
  3. Certificate from the Director, specifying the job name and the length of time the applicant has worked.
  4. Recommendation Letter from the Director, ensuring re-employment of the person after return to the home country.
    · Motivation letter:
    The applicant must send a motivation message explaining why he was chosen and interested in the curriculum, explains his motives for the development of his society, and how he intends to benefit from his study and education to benefit his future life and his country
    · Required documents:
  5. The application for registration on the grant is signed by hand.
  6. CV( used Europass site).
  7. The motivation letter is signed by hand.
  8. Recommendation letter from the employer (with signature and formality)
  9. Certificate of employment attesting to work experience for at least two years.
  10. English and German Certificate.
  11. Copy of the General High School Certificate.

How to apply:

  1. Choice of study program (you can choose 3 programs at most).
  2. Apply to universities that offer these study programs.
  3. Selection of potential DAAD scholarship candidates.
  4. You hear their last requests.
  5. After the selection process they are welcomed.
    Application deadline:

Note: When choosing more than one study program, these programs must be in order of priority, and one motivation letter is required to tell you why you have chosen these programs.
It is clear that the DAAD Scholarship is a great opportunity with acceptable terms and very motivating benefits for everyone looking to complete their education and postgraduate studies abroad. Start preparing now.
A summary of some of the programs available for each major, and the universities that offer these majors:
· MA in International and Development Economics:
-MA in International Economics and Development (HTW University Berlin)
-MA in International Economics and Development (Göttingen University)

  • Promotion and training of small enterprises (Leipzig University)
    · Cooperation for development:
    -Development Department (Ruhr Bochum University).
  • Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security (United Nations University).
    -Sustainable Development Administration (HS Rhein-Waal).
    · Engineering Branches:
  • Water Sciences and Engineering (University of Dresden) –
  • Textile and Garment Technology (Dresden University)
  • MSc in Energy Engineering and Environmental Management in Developing Countries (University of Flensburg)
  • Water Resources and Environmental Management (Hannover University)
  • Graduate Program for Renewable Energy (University of Oldenburg)
  • Photogrammetry and Geographical Information (HFT University).
  • Master of Infrastructure Planning (University of Stuttgart).
  • Waste – Air Quality Monitoring (University of Stuttgart).
  • Solid waste and wastewater treatment engineering (University of Stuttgart).
  • Natural Hazards and Hazards in Structural Engineering (BHU Weimar University).

· mathematics:
PhD program (Mathematics in Industry and Commerce).
Regional and Urban Planning: 1-Urban Administration (University of Berlin) – Planning and Management of Regional Development (University of Dortmund)
3- Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (Stuttgart University)

· Agricultural and Forestry Sciences:

  • Tropical Science and Resource Management (Bonn University)
  • Tropical Forests (Göttingen)

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