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How to write a research paper in a weekend?

here are some tips about writing a research paper given by Prof. Pete Carr from University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry.
1. Don’t procrastinate, start immediately.
2. Define an outline for your paper.
3. Review your notes of what you are going to write about, and renew your literature search. (or update your references)
4. Determine who your audience is (undergraduates, graduates, peer researchers). Mainly, your primary reader will be the reviewers, that’s why you should address their concerns before anything else. Each magazine has its own general guidelines for the researchers to follow. Find it, read it carefully and stick to it in order to reduce the chances of rejection as possible.
5. Start writing the initial draft, and resist the temptation to correct mistakes and tendency towards perfection. The initial draft doesn’t have to be complete or perfect. Write down your notes about the references you might need.
6. Don’t start with writing the introduction. the last thing you want to write in your paper is the introduction. Instead, start off with easier things, like the experimental. Then, present the results and discussion.
7. When finished, start editing your paper scientifically and linguistically.
8. Write the conclusion in a numbered format and present it briefly and thoroughly.
9. Write your dedication page.
10. Now you can write the introduction. The most important two things to cover in the introduction are the purpose of the study and the scientific background, such as your scientific achievements prior to and in accordance with the research paper.
11. Start producing the references paper.
If you want to listen to Prof. Carr’s tips, click the link down below:


Nov 11 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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