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Engineering and Leadership.



Enginereeing and Leadership.

Session Objectives:

  • Engineering Pathways to the EU.
  • Navigating Work-Search Visa Requirements.
  • Mastering Engineering Studies in the EU.
  • Effective Job Search Techniques for Engineers.
  • Key Factor for Successful Job Applicatios.
  • Advancing Your Engineering Career.
  • Understanding The EU Job Market:(Focus On Germany)
  • Exploring Career Transitions “Quereinsteiger”

Content of the Workshop:

  • Provide guidence to engineers from all backgrounds interested in working or studying in the EU.
  • Spotlighting the Engineers graduating from private universities in Syria for EU opportunities.
  • Explain the conditions and requirements for obtaining work-search visas in EU countries for Engineers.
  • Address common challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Discuss options for pursuing the studies of the master for Engineers within the EU.
  • Offer advice on selecting the right program and institution.
  • Utilize popular job search tools.
  • Identify the correct factors and steps for a successful job search in the EU.
  • Highlight the main differences between freelance and employment.
  • Highlight the main work contracts .
  • Share effective techniques for applying for engineering positions.
  • Guide engineers in creating effective CVs;job applications;and preparing for interviews.
  • Outline career paths and opportunities within the engineering field.
  • Assist working engineers in their persuit of leadership roles.
  • Explore the job market in Germany;one of the leading destinations for engineers.
  • Discuss language requirements for engineers in Germany .
  • Discuess the German concept of ”Quereinsteiger”and its relevance to engineering careers .
  • Assess the chances of transitioning to new fields and acquiring new qualifications quickly.


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Oct 07 2023


{Berlin Time}
4:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Muhammad Aljassem


Muhammad Aljassem
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