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CV and Cover Letter Workshop


A CV and a cover letter are two essential documents that can make or break your academic career. A CV is a comprehensive summary of your academic achievements, skills, and experiences, while a cover letter is a tailored and persuasive letter that showcases your fit and motivation for a specific position or opportunity. Crafting a compelling and targeted CV and cover letter is crucial for anyone seeking to establish a career in academia. Whether you are a graduate student looking to secure funding for your research or a postdoc seeking to land your first faculty position, the quality of your application documents can make all the difference.

Objectives of the Workshop:

By the end of the workshop, you will acquire the knowledge about:

  • How to build your CV
  • What is the difference between CV and Resume
  • What is a cover letter
  • How to write a cover letter
  • Tips and Tricks to get the best out of your CV and Cover letter

Targeted Audience:

All academics in all different levels.

Platforms of the workshop:




Registration Form:

[Registration is now closed due to the high demand]


Apr 15 2023


CET (Berlin Time zone)
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Prof. Dr. Hani Harb


Prof. Dr. Hani Harb
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