We at the German-Syrian Research Society always strive to provide support to our Syrian and Arab students by providing a variety of workshops and Webinars that benefit all students. Whether in German universities or those who want to join one of the universities later for example: The Scientific writing workshop, how to write a research paper, on how to apply to universities, what are the best universities in Germany and much more.
We are currently seeking to provide multiple scholarships for a number of students. Through your support and donation to our society and foundation, we can achieve many goals and realize many scientific and research projects supporting students in Syria, Germany, and the world.


Donations can be done by bank transfers to this account:

IBAN: DE49508501500000772160
Bank: Sparkasse Darmstadt


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Supporting Students and Researchers

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Bank: Sparkasse Darmstadt

So far, our team is completely volunteering. However, we need your fund to expand our target group.
We accept funds for all of our projects except for the Hilde-Domin scholarship.

You can use the following transfer reasons for different projects you wish to support

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