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DSFG Harvest 2021

Dear followers and readers, we, at the DSFG, are delighted to share with you our key milestones in 2021.

Our Academic Empowerment Scholarship (Academpower) Project

In 2021, we launched our Academpower project to support Syrian students in Syria and neighboring countries.

Two mini-grant scholarships were published under this project in 2021 where we covered the costs of the official language exams requested by students who were accepted in a Scholarship.

Besides, DSFG have been proudly invited to be one of the nominating organizations for Hilde Domin Scholarship (a DAAD scholarship program for Student at Risk). So far, we assessed the students’ applications, on a DAAD-based criteria, for two rounds in 2021 and nominated the successful students.


Mentoring Program

This program was established in June 2021. This project includes 42 active mentors. During 2021, they were able to complete 29 mentorships. Besides, 7 mentorships are still active, and 18 mentees on the waiting list.


Workshops and Courses

We provided 9 workshops and 2 courses, which were able to deliver the benefit for more than 250 persons.



We started a collaboration program with the Syrian Youth Assembly (SYA), the program included three workshops, and a fundraising campaign for our Language Exam Scholarship.

Later, in 2021, we signed another collaboration contract with Look in MENA to establish a strategic partnership aiming to increase our viewership and the number of students benefiting from the  2022 upcoming workshops.


We are proud of our volunteers!

We happily reviewed over 150 volunteering applications for more than 12 positions. 40 applicants were interviewed and 13 joined our team!


A great year to spread out!

DSFG has activated it’s Twitter account (@d_s_fg) and YouTube channel (DSFG e.V), where all recorded webinars and promotions will be published!

Gratefully, we were able to reach 250,000 people through all our social media platform and hit 10,000 followers on our Facebook account.


In 2022 we aspire not only to increase but also to improve all our projects, yet to expand our programs and scholarships. We are also determined to enable more and more students and empower them by all means available towards personal and academic development (Academpower project and The Mentoring Program).

All that will be more feasible by your support through engaging as volunteers in the society; or by financially donating to the society in order to secure more mini grants. This way, more students can benefit from DSFG activities and have better experience in pursuing their studies in Germany.


Mar 03 - 04 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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