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What is the Academic Empowerment Scholarship “AES”

AES is a scholarship that aims to empower Syrian students towards achieving their higher education goals. The scholarship is based on the conviction that investing in individuals is essential in order to equip them with the right tools to face the challenges of Syria’s and Germany’s future. In short, AES is a scholarship from Syrians to Syrians.


Who we are?

AES is part of the German-Syrian Research Society (DSFG e.V.). In the DSFG e.V. we believe that each person has the right to get decent education. We further believe that higher education represents a catalyst and an agent of change and development for individuals and societies.


Our Moral

This scholarship is basically offered by Syrian academics and professionals in Germany and around the globe who feel the responsibility to pass the chance they got to other students – among those who are struggling to get an opportunity to complete their studies – in order to study in Germany. This is a way of sustaining and regenerating the opportunity they once had, and to do their part in empowering others. AES is open to all Syrians regardless of their political views, and from all religions, ethnicities and genders.


The Particularity of our Scholarship

Our Scholarship achieves sustainability by relying basically on a collaborative and solidary crowdfunding. We aim to finance a big part of the scholarship through monthly or yearly contributions to raise 50-60 percent of the money needed to finance the scholarship. Furthermore, beneficiary concerts, grant proposal and joint work will as well cover the rest of the scholarship cost.

AES will start by granting one scholarship to one student either Bachelor, Master or PhD students from Syria (not necessary living in Syria) by covering her/his living expenses and tuition fees in order to study in a German University for maximum period of 3 years.


Funding and Mentoring

Academic Empowerment Scholarship is the heart jewel of the DSFG e.V. We believe that a network of academics and students is necessary in order to support Syrian students in their access to higher education and in their educational process. This scholarship will serve the purpose to reintegrate Syrian students and academics into science as well as to support them to be productive individuals in the society. 

In order to do so, a mentoring program based on building a platform to network academics and scholars with Syrian students will be launched in parallel. This platform aims to be useful for Syrian students to support them during their pre- and study phase:  

Pre-study phase: 

  • provide scholarship holders with organizational and logistic support as they plan their arrival to Germany or to their universities
  • support in applying for German universities


  • provide a language tandem partner in English or German
  • Provide an academic tandem to support in the early phases of the study period


The Scholarship Mission

The Scholarship will:

  • Promote and provide financial support to one student;
  • Support the scholarship holder with the information necessary to deal with the new educational environment;
  • Lead a collaborative network of community and educational mentors aligned to support the student’s preparation and persistent till degree completion.

Students’ Obligations are:

  • To provide a yearly report of their work and studies and maintain to be the best 25% of their peers;
  • To restrain themselves from indulging in any religious or political debates concerning Syria;
  • Nevertheless, students are encouraged to be part of political discussions in their university to widen their political scope; as they are set to be the future leaders in their community;
  • The student should be a junior member of the DSFG e.V. and share its values by helping in its local activities.


How could you help us? And which impact has your contribution on achieving our goal?


 Financial support:

If you subscribe with us with the minimum monthly amount, you will make a huge difference. 

A monthly donation of 5 euros for a period of 2 years you will be contributing to cover 1% of one student’s expenses for one year or 14% of her/his monthly expenses. You might think your contribution is small, but be sure it makes big impact and it moves us a step forward to reach our goal.

Bigger contributions and donations are always welcome and needed. The donor will be rewarded as see fitting.


 Mentoring Support:

Be part of our network of academics and students to help Syrian students and applicants to support them getting an opportunity to complete their education. You can fill out a form to tell us how could we cooperate by visiting our website. 


 Join our team:

The DSFG e.V. doors are always open to any volunteer to join us. Every Syrian, German or International scholar and academic are welcome to be part of the DSFG family. We believe that only with joint efforts we can succeed and make the dream of many students and scholars reality.


Contact us

You can contact us through:


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