We envision a world in which scientific research, and academic training and education are/ is taken up as an accumulative human experience, that participating in its expansion and extension is important for our future as human kind. We hope to see people communicating and collaborating to contribute to a better future.

Who we are:

We are an independent group of young people from (Syrian origin) with various academic backgrounds living currently in Germany. Our platform is to help new arrival Syrian academic integrating in the academic societies and foundations.

  • we believe in Science as future.
  • we believe integration in Germany starts through education.
  • Enhancing the communication mechanisms among the different institutions, NGOs, groups, and single members on the ground.
  • Establishing an active network through providing an index of the different actors who could support other Syrian or international researchers interested in this subject.
  • We seek to provide a creative cultural space.

Our values are:

1- Plurality.

2- Respect.

3- differences.

4- Inclusiveness.

5- Creativity.

6- Multidisciplinary.

7- Flexibility.