Mentoring Platform

Mentoring Platform

The mentoring program was established in 2021. It intends to help Syrian students and scholars find their path in the German academic system.

 The program is currently in its Beta-version and help more than 100 students monthly.

 It is divided into four sections.

 Life Mentor

Guiding new students in their first weeks in the country. We will be happy to receive your registration form.

Academic Mentor

Supporting students in the new academic and scholarly environment. This could also include helping them coping with a specific field of research and exchanging on possible research topics. We will be happy to receive your registration form.

Language Mentor

After learning a language, Syrian students abroad or in Syria need to practice it and make contacts in this language. We will be happy to receive your registration form.

Support students in applying for a scholarship

Choosing this mentorship variant, you can guide students in the process of applying for an international scholarship through, for e.g. support in searching for fund opportunities, in writing a motivation letter, or throughout the application process in general.

 The program covers a wide variety of disciplines and currently employs tens of mentors.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you can join us here

 If you are a student who needs mentoring to understand your path to Germany, you can join our program here