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We, at the German- Syrian Research Society, are looking to expand our core Graphic Design team in anticipation of taking the society to a new level of our work. For this purpose, we are looking for a

Graphic Design Team Manager


Job Description:

A graphic design manager at the German-Syrian Research Society is expected to be able of mastering the following:

1) Planning, including identifying goals, objectives, methods, and resources needed to carry out methods, responsibilities, and dates for completion of tasks.


2) Organizing resources to achieve the goals in an optimum fashion.


3) Leading, including setting direction for the society, groups, and individuals, and influence other volunteers to follow that direction.


4) Controlling, or coordinating, including the society’s systems, processes, and structures to effectively and efficiently reach goals and objectives. This includes an ongoing collection of feedback and monitoring and adjustment of systems, processes, and structures accordingly.

Core Requirements:

A Graphic Design Team Manager at the German-Syrian Research Society is expected to have the following Capabilities:

  • University Degree
  • A 1-2 years’ experience in Graphic Design.
  • Good command of Arabic and English; German language would be a plus
  • Computer skills: good command of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and MS Word.


As a graphic design team manager at the German-Syrian Research Society you

would be responsible for the following:

  • Managing a team of several designers, evaluating individual design deliverables and overall team performance.
  • Conducting interviews with potential team volunteers and evaluating their portfolios to decide on their admission to the team.
  • Developing and implementing successful design strategies and outlining how the team will create deliverables and implement them for the project, per the Organization board.
  • Managing the design and production of graphic art and visual materials for digital media.
  • Ensuring that layouts and designs are aligned with our visual identity and production standards.
  • Communicating and consulting with other team managers to conceptualize and develop projects and timelines.
  • Attending monthly meetings with the society’s board members.

What do we offer: 

  • Access to a network of professionals and highly motivated people in the NGOs, education, research fields.
  • The opportunity to learn about scholarship and mentorship programs management.
  • Access to DSFG seminars and workshops.
  • Great ability for development in team management and leadership.
  • Volunteering Certificate.

How to apply: 

Send your CV to our Human Resources department email hr@ds-fg.de. Please put the following in the subject of the email: “Application- Graphic Design Team Manager”


This post is unpaid.

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