Executive Coordinator

Volunteering (non-paid), 4-6 Hours weekly

We at the German-Syrian Research Society are looking to expand our Workshops team. We will be thrilled to get to know you and to have you as part of our Society and team as an:

Executive Coordinator

Volunteering (non-paid), 4-6 Hours weekly

Our Society is 100%  volunteers, we believe in volunteering next to our regular jobs. Research is our trade and openness is our way of supporting the scientific society. If you share our core beliefs, have the time, and are enthusiastic to take part in our projects, then do not hesitate to apply. We are excited to get to know you. 

Core Requirements:

An Executive Coordinatorin the Workshop team at the German-Syrian Research Society is expected to have the following Capabilities:

          University Degree or in their last year of university

          Ability to communicate fully in English.

          Ability to coordinate, and execute complex projects.

          Ability to work in a team and withstand pressure.


Soft-Skills Requirements:

          Time Management

          Organizational skills

          Volunteering spirit

          Openness to applicants from all backgrounds


The candidate will be responsible for the following:

          Planning and supervision of workshops and webinars

          Recruitment of new instructors and lecturers

          Work with other teams to build a portfolio of nationally and internationally acclaimed lecturers.

          Talk to new lecturers and instructors to convince them to join our network

          Supervise and moderate different workshops and Webinars.

          If in Germany, we expect the candidate to moderate and organize workshops on the ground with the logistic help of the DSFG e.V. Board

What do we offer:

          Access to a network of professionals and highly motivated people in the NGOs / education fields.

          The opportunity to learn about scholarship processing.

          Access to DSFG seminars and workshops.

          Volunteering Certificate.

How to apply:

Send your CV to this email hr@ds-fg.de. Please put the following in the subject of the email: “Application Workshops-Executive Coordinator”


This post is unpaid.